18 Strangely Effective Ways To Become A Better Pet Owner Tomorrow

Thought Catalog

1. When trying to find a roommate, make sure it’s one who will understand that sometimes life happens and that if they help feed or walk your pet, it’s like taking care of a family pet. Sure, you’re still footing the bills, but living with someone who doesn’t mind pitching in makes a world of difference.

2. Better yet — find a roommate who also has a pet (if your place is big enough). Your pet will have someone to play with both when humans are boring her, and when neither of you are in the apartment.

3. Calling your pet by its full name and not a nickname helps it register as a name (especially if you have a cat, because they totally hear you, they just willingly choose to not listen.)

4. Instead of letting toys live all over the place (and especially under the couch), stash them…

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